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Tips and tricks

Bobby pin: This seems to be the easiest tool for me to add dots to my nails!  It may take a little practice in the beginning to figure out the perfect amount of nail polish to have on before adding the dot.

Straight needle: I like to use this for smaller dots.  It is a little easier to control each dot, you will get more precise dots than if you use the bobby pin.  It will be even easier to control if you stick it into an eraser!

Tape: Need a clean line? Scotch tape to the rescue!  The MOST important part to this step is to stick and the tape to your hand a few times before applying it to the nail so you take some of the stickiness away (and it won’t peel off any of the nail polish you already have on)

Makeup sponge: Cheap and reusable (after I have nail polish on a section I just snip it off with some scissors and have a clean area to work with again!).  If you are looking for a gradual color change this is a very fun tool to play around with and get different effects!

Step 2


Eyeliner brush: An easy tool to add lines! I know they sell nail polish pens that do the same thing, but this way you don’t have to worry about buying more when a color runs out. Just clean the brush off with nail polish remover after each color!


6 responses to “Tips and tricks

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