Unnecessary Necessities

The things in life you didn't know you needed!

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Bringing it back!

After a long hiatus I am finally ready to bring my blog back to life! I’ll have many more post covering everything from nails and makeup to DIY products and crochet goodies!

Now for the best part… I will be opening a store here as well! So if you see anything you like there is no need to try and mess around and make it on your own… you can just order it! More information about that will be coming along shortly.

Any questions, comments, concerns or requests please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Just so you know…

I have decided to dip my toe into the healthy living/ fitness blogging universe and started a new blog that can be found here. I didn’t want to clutter up this one too much but if you’re interested in checking it out at all I always love the feedback! Not too much to look at right now, but it’ll get there.

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Programming note

Over the next week or so I am going to attempt to streamline this blog a little bit more.  By that I mean posting less pictures for any obvious steps (such as apply base coat of nail polish…), that way as you scroll through there won’t be quite as many pictures you have to go past before you get to the next post!

I also updated the about me section!

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I decided to start a blog so I can share all my favorite things!  I’ll be posting (hopefully) easy to follow guides for everything from now to do your nails to what to make for dinner.  I’m going to keep everything as simple as I can with lots of pictures to break down steps.  The title of the blog really says it all… these are the things in life I love to call unnecessary necessities, you don’t really need them but life is much better with them around.  Enjoy!

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