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Nail polish galore!

DIY nail polish rack

I have to thank my sister for this one! In my attempt to get organized I couldn’t help look over at my pile of nail polishes and cringe. I had read many different ideas, everything from using old spice racks (way too pricey to me) to making a book of nail polish swatches so people can browse that to find the color they way (didn’t seem that practical to me). Then my sister mentioned she saw something using a foam board, hot glue and a razor and about an hour later we had this beauty! It is surprisingly sturdy and easy to move around. Only downside is… I need to make another one for all my nail polish to fit!!



I love this. Props to my sister for coming across it online and getting it for me as a birthday present (and loved it so much that she got one for herself as well…). When it comes to something I’d categorize as an “unnecessary necessity” the cuppow is a perfect example for me! First of all, I prefer to drink out of glass, so mason jars are a nice fit more me anyway. Help make it portable and I’m sold!

Like I said, love love love! And of course so I don’t scald my hands on the hot stuff I crocheted a cute little cozy!

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Best natural upset stomach cure



I haven’t been feeling the best the past few days and while I was desperately trying to find something to calm my stomach I did a little online searching to see if any of my newly bought essential oils (hooray for homemade body products!) would help.  This worked better (and quicker!) for me than any pepto or tums or anything of the like! Peppermint oil can be bought online and two ounces is more than enough to last forever. I usually go to Zerbos to get mine.

What did I use? First burn a piece of toast, finally a reason to turn that dial on the toaster all the way over and chow down. The charcoal helps to settle your stomach. Then I took a bathroom cup and filled it with water, added 2-3 drops of the peppermint oil and slammed it like a shot (it doesn’t taste bad or anything like that, I just think it’s more fun to drink it that way!)

I was amazed.


Homemade pet ID tags


I love my dog… and when my sister came across some leftover shrinky dink paper in her closet we decided to make some new dog tags! It’s as easy as it sounds… draw it, remember to use a hole punch, bake it, and ta da! Here are a few samples of what I made!




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Homemade DIY aluminum free deodorant


Looks fancy doesn’t it!!  If you peeked into my room right now it would look like some odd laboratory with different jars, bowls, and even my makeshift double boiler (who knew a rice cooker with steamer attachment on top would have so many uses!).  I’ve been trying to make my own lotions, lip balms, etc in both an effort to be more cost friendly and I like to know what I’m rubbing all over myself.  I decided to try to make my own deodorant and was actually pleasantly surprised how well it works!  I have tried a few aluminum free ones and this actually works the best for me!

I mixed up a little mini batch to try it out and keep it in this cute little dish I found.  It uses coconut oil which melts around 76 degrees, so since it’s hot as all get up outside and the a/c isn’t on it’s morphed into a squishy mix (as you can tell in the second picture) but I actually think it’s easier to put on that way!  Whether it’s solid in this in-between state I put it on the same, swipe some up with your fingers and rub it on.  You will sweat because it doesn’t have the aluminum ingredients, but you won’t smell!  Keep reading to see how you can make your own!

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LUSH seanik shampoo

As you can see in my about section, my skin/haircare product needs are unique because of my job.  I work at a pool teaching swim lessons, so I am actually in the water for hours a day, not just staring at it like those lucky lifeguards get to do!  Besides needing to battle chlorine, 90% of the showers I take are at work.  I needed to find a shampoo that helped with my overly chlorinated hair, make it so I didn’t constantly smell like a pool, and traveled easily!

I loved the idea of the solid shampoo bars but was hesitant to try it because the price was high for me.  I loved it and it lasts me forever (which surprised me because I have long hair).  I keep it in a travel case soap dish that I bought at the dollar store and now instead of smelling like a pool I smell like the ocean!

It might not work for everyone, but it worked for me!  The minimal packaging and no bottles to be environmentally friendly helps too!  If you want to try it for yourself, or see the other solid shampoo bars, check them out on the LUSH website!

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Programming note

Over the next week or so I am going to attempt to streamline this blog a little bit more.  By that I mean posting less pictures for any obvious steps (such as apply base coat of nail polish…), that way as you scroll through there won’t be quite as many pictures you have to go past before you get to the next post!

I also updated the about me section!

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Plush Pig Neckwarmer


This is pretty much the definition of what an unnecessary necessity is!!  I found him yesterday and have been in love.  Does anyone really need an adorable stuff animal you can throw in the microwave then toss around your neck?  Of course  not, but it’s a great thing to have!

We had a “microwave buddy” for sore necks and muscles, but after a few too many trips in the microwave it started to burn…. and smell.  I can across this, and about 8 of his animal friends, at TJ Maxx.  Only $10!!  1 minute in the microwave and the lavender scented beads warm up and ease any tightness around your neck.  I have him on now as I’m typing this!

Another thing I love to do when I’m laying down for bed is drape the long body over my eyes.  The slight pressure from the weight helps if I have a headache and the scent I find to be relaxing.  Just think of it as a super cute eye mask!


Pig cuddle

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