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LUSH R&B hair moisturizer

I swear I don’t only use LUSH products, but when it comes to my hair it’s the only products that have worked for my over chlorinated locks.  I do love my seanik shampoo bar, but if I could only buy one product for my hair, this would be it! It seems expensive but it lasts me forever, I’m barely halfway through my little tub after 6 months and I use it every day. A little better my fingers, work it through my ends and calm any split ends, and my crunchy pool hair is transformed into something resembling human hair again (and not straw!) The one thing I love about LUSH is they are always willing to give out samples… so if you’re ever by a store I HIGHLY suggested asking if you can take a sample home!

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Feedback wanted!


I’ve been working on swapping out the majority of my bath and beauty products for homemade ones!  As I’m playing around with recipes and seeing which I like the best (as well as getting feedback from the lucky few that I give my “samples” to!) I’m trying to think of what I should try!!

Ultimately I think it’d be great to not only be able to give these out as gifts, but also possibly sell them on the side! I know I’m not the only one out there who likes the idea of all natural products (REASONABLY priced!).

So… this is what I have been working on so far!

  • lotion bars
  • sunscreen (in lotion bar form!)
  • lip scrub
  • lip balm
  • dusting powder
  • deodorant
  • leave in conditioner
  • vaseline
  • headache rub (which I love and use all the time)

Now for the important question… am I missing anything?! I would love to hear any and all suggestions!  The only essential oils I have at the moment are peppermint and lavender but I’m sure more will make it to my collection before too long!

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LUSH seanik shampoo

As you can see in my about section, my skin/haircare product needs are unique because of my job.  I work at a pool teaching swim lessons, so I am actually in the water for hours a day, not just staring at it like those lucky lifeguards get to do!  Besides needing to battle chlorine, 90% of the showers I take are at work.  I needed to find a shampoo that helped with my overly chlorinated hair, make it so I didn’t constantly smell like a pool, and traveled easily!

I loved the idea of the solid shampoo bars but was hesitant to try it because the price was high for me.  I loved it and it lasts me forever (which surprised me because I have long hair).  I keep it in a travel case soap dish that I bought at the dollar store and now instead of smelling like a pool I smell like the ocean!

It might not work for everyone, but it worked for me!  The minimal packaging and no bottles to be environmentally friendly helps too!  If you want to try it for yourself, or see the other solid shampoo bars, check them out on the LUSH website!

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Programming note

Over the next week or so I am going to attempt to streamline this blog a little bit more.  By that I mean posting less pictures for any obvious steps (such as apply base coat of nail polish…), that way as you scroll through there won’t be quite as many pictures you have to go past before you get to the next post!

I also updated the about me section!

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Sock bun

I was pleasantly surprised how quick and easy this bun is!  There are other ways online to do it, but I found that this way worked the best for me!

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Snake braid

Finished braid

This is honestly one of the simplest braids to do, ever.  It gives a nice little touch to any looks, I love to do a few small braids like this and include them in a large french braid!!

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Fishtail braid


I love braids because it is a quick and easy way to pull your hair back and still look amazing!  The world will think you’ve spent hours on your appearance when in reality you were still in bed 10 minutes ago.  There are countless ways to twist your hair into braids, but the base of every style is pretty similar.  I feel like if you can do a simple braid, french braid and fishtail braid you can pretty much achieve every awesome style you come across online (can anyone say pinterest).

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