Unnecessary Necessities

The things in life you didn't know you needed!


20-something from the Detroit area just sharing some of the things I love!  Lots of things in life cost way too much money, so I try to figure out how to do those things myself!

Let me start off by saying I pretty much have no idea what I’m talking about.  I’m sure I make people who do know what they’re talking about cringe.  I just started to google things and anything that worked out for me I decided to share!

Why mostly braids and nails?  Simply out of necessity.  I work in a pool, physically in the water for hours every day.  If I wore nothing on my nails they literally start to flake off.  Also, because I’m in the water so much anything I do with my nails chips off very quickly, which is why I need so many ideas!  The braids started because it gets quite boring only wearing a ponytail (plus braids hold up better for me in the water!).

I do realize that in many of my pictures my nails look very sloppy.  I am working on that, I promise.  My mentality has always been that it’s ok because I know I’ll be in the water soon and it’ll fix itself.  However, now that I am posting pictures for all to see I know I should probably clean it up a bit!

Please comment and if you have any ideas or suggestions I’d love to hear them!


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