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Gray sparkle

Gray sparkle nails


I love an accent nail. In all honesty, probably a little too much! I love the chunky glitter (don’t love taking it off quite as much…) and after seeing a similar look I decided to try this look. I have read that dabbing glitter instead of brushing it on normally helps with the chunkier glitter, and I did that then a few quick pats with my lovely makeup sponge to help dry it quicker! I added a picture below of what I used for inspiration. I think the next time I try these I’ll stick with all the nails gray, then the glitter, and not the black underneath like I did today. Either way, I still love it!


Gray sparkle compare

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Nail polish galore!

DIY nail polish rack

I have to thank my sister for this one! In my attempt to getĀ organizedĀ I couldn’t help look over at my pile of nail polishes and cringe. I had read many different ideas, everything from using old spice racks (way too pricey to me) to making a book of nail polish swatches so people can browse that to find the color they way (didn’t seem that practical to me). Then my sister mentioned she saw something using a foam board, hot glue and a razor and about an hour later we had this beauty! It is surprisingly sturdy and easy to move around. Only downside is… I need to make another one for all my nail polish to fit!!


Bringing it back!

After a long hiatus I am finally ready to bring my blog back to life! I’ll have many more post covering everything from nails and makeup to DIY products and crochet goodies!

Now for the best part… I will be opening a store here as well! So if you see anything you like there is no need to try and mess around and make it on your own… you can just order it! More information about that will be coming along shortly.

Any questions, comments, concerns or requests please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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