Unnecessary Necessities

The things in life you didn't know you needed!

Yellow and white polka dot nails


I love these nails! I wanted something sweet but sassy and I think these fit the bill quite nicely. I really like the way the white polka dots (made using a bobby pin!) look paired with the yellow, and I went for a shiny silver accent nail to give it a little pop.

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Yellow wildflower nails

Let’s be honest, things don’t always come out quite as I planned. These got a solid “meh” from my sister and I feel the same. As you can see below, the inspiration for these nails is adorable, mine still need a bit of work!


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Caviar nails

I was intrigued by this look but I wasn’t so in love with it that I wanted to go out and spend way too much money on one of the kits from Sephora. Then on a trip to the dollar store (yay for dollar stores!) I noticed that had a package of 8 different colors in the mircobeads used for, you guessed it, $1!


Pale pink gradient glitter nails

I love these!! After three coats of the pale pink color I found nice and cheap (yay $2!!) I was a little bummed it wasn’t as opaque as I had hoped. I grabbed some gold glitter polish and painted the top half of the nail and then with a makeup sponge dabbed some solid gold polish on the tips! The picture really doesn’t do it justice, a very feminine look with a hint of flare!

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Just so you know…

I have decided to dip my toe into the healthy living/ fitness blogging universe and started a new blog that can be found here. I didn’t want to clutter up this one too much but if you’re interested in checking it out at all I always love the feedback! Not too much to look at right now, but it’ll get there.

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Splatter Nails



The learning curve for this I found to be STEEP  but once you get the hang of it I think they can be a lot of fun!

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I love this. Props to my sister for coming across it online and getting it for me as a birthday present (and loved it so much that she got one for herself as well…). When it comes to something I’d categorize as an “unnecessary necessity” the cuppow is a perfect example for me! First of all, I prefer to drink out of glass, so mason jars are a nice fit more me anyway. Help make it portable and I’m sold!

Like I said, love love love! And of course so I don’t scald my hands on the hot stuff I crocheted a cute little cozy!

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