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Feedback wanted!

on June 7, 2012


I’ve been working on swapping out the majority of my bath and beauty products for homemade ones!  As I’m playing around with recipes and seeing which I like the best (as well as getting feedback from the lucky few that I give my “samples” to!) I’m trying to think of what I should try!!

Ultimately I think it’d be great to not only be able to give these out as gifts, but also possibly sell them on the side! I know I’m not the only one out there who likes the idea of all natural products (REASONABLY priced!).

So… this is what I have been working on so far!

  • lotion bars
  • sunscreen (in lotion bar form!)
  • lip scrub
  • lip balm
  • dusting powder
  • deodorant
  • leave in conditioner
  • vaseline
  • headache rub (which I love and use all the time)

Now for the important question… am I missing anything?! I would love to hear any and all suggestions!  The only essential oils I have at the moment are peppermint and lavender but I’m sure more will make it to my collection before too long!


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