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Best natural upset stomach cure



I haven’t been feeling the best the past few days and while I was desperately trying to find something to calm my stomach I did a little online searching to see if any of my newly bought essential oils (hooray for homemade body products!) would help.  This worked better (and quicker!) for me than any pepto or tums or anything of the like! Peppermint oil can be bought online and two ounces is more than enough to last forever. I usually go to Zerbos to get mine.

What did I use? First burn a piece of toast, finally a reason to turn that dial on the toaster all the way over and chow down. The charcoal helps to settle your stomach. Then I took a bathroom cup and filled it with water, added 2-3 drops of the peppermint oil and slammed it like a shot (it doesn’t taste bad or anything like that, I just think it’s more fun to drink it that way!)

I was amazed.


Summer flower nails


Bright, cheery, and quick! I feel like I could have gotten much for elaborate with these (different colors, more layers of petals, etc) but for today just one swipe for each petal seemed to get the job done nicely.  As always I used my trusty bobby pin to add the big dots! Let me know if you try them out, adding different colors or your own flare!

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Purple dot nails


I wanted something quick and easy so I grabbed a few different shades of purple (and a shiny silver) and added some dots!


LUSH R&B hair moisturizer

I swear I don’t only use LUSH products, but when it comes to my hair it’s the only products that have worked for my over chlorinated locks.  I do love my seanik shampoo bar, but if I could only buy one product for my hair, this would be it! It seems expensive but it lasts me forever, I’m barely halfway through my little tub after 6 months and I use it every day. A little better my fingers, work it through my ends and calm any split ends, and my crunchy pool hair is transformed into something resembling human hair again (and not straw!) The one thing I love about LUSH is they are always willing to give out samples… so if you’re ever by a store I HIGHLY suggested asking if you can take a sample home!

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Blue ombre nails


I liked these nails because as someone who works in a pool, they gave me an aquatics vibe! I started with a white base coat, got my trusty makeup sponge and 3 different shades of blues. Unlike other tutorials I’ve seen online for ombre nails, instead of painting different lines of color onto the makeup sponge, I went one color at a time! Starting with the lightest shade, I went from almost the very bottom of the nail and sponged up, then the next shade I stared a little higher… so on and so on. I topped it off with a little sponge of black, a clear top coat (one with sparkles would look great too!) and my nails were worthy of the water!


Homemade pet ID tags


I love my dog… and when my sister came across some leftover shrinky dink paper in her closet we decided to make some new dog tags! It’s as easy as it sounds… draw it, remember to use a hole punch, bake it, and ta da! Here are a few samples of what I made!




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Flamingo nails

I was looking for a cute “summer” animal to try and when I stumbled across flamingos I knew I had to try!! These came out a little sloppy as I did them on myself… but I’m sure the next time someone let’s be borrow their nails it’ll come out better!

**side note: as you’ll see below, I accidentally did these upside down on my right hand, oops!

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Feedback wanted!


I’ve been working on swapping out the majority of my bath and beauty products for homemade ones!  As I’m playing around with recipes and seeing which I like the best (as well as getting feedback from the lucky few that I give my “samples” to!) I’m trying to think of what I should try!!

Ultimately I think it’d be great to not only be able to give these out as gifts, but also possibly sell them on the side! I know I’m not the only one out there who likes the idea of all natural products (REASONABLY priced!).

So… this is what I have been working on so far!

  • lotion bars
  • sunscreen (in lotion bar form!)
  • lip scrub
  • lip balm
  • dusting powder
  • deodorant
  • leave in conditioner
  • vaseline
  • headache rub (which I love and use all the time)

Now for the important question… am I missing anything?! I would love to hear any and all suggestions!  The only essential oils I have at the moment are peppermint and lavender but I’m sure more will make it to my collection before too long!

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Essie Shine of the Times Sparkle nails


It’s not too often where I do nails that I need to buy a specific nail polish to get the desired effect (and it’s even rarer that I buy a nail polish that costs more than about $2.50!) but when I saw this one I knew I had to try!!

All I did was use a black base coat and then used Essie Shine of the Times as my top coat.  The look was fantastic and I can’t wait to try it over different colors!! A nice quick look when I’m deciding what type of nails I want to try next!