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Owl nails

on May 29, 2012

I love finding new animal nails to try!!  I saw these as I was scrolling through yet another google search and decided I’d give them a try myself!!  Keep reading to see the surprisingly easy how to… and remember… art skills are not necessary (seeing as I have zero).

What you’ll need: white, brown, yellow, orange and black nail polish, bobby pin, and a straight pin

Step 1: Paint your nails brown. Once they dry, paint a white semi circle for the body.

Step 2: Using the bobby pin, make two larger yellow circles on top of the semi circle for the eyes.


Step 3: I switched to the straight pin for the smaller dots, and I added the nose and feet using the orange. I also added two white dots in the middle of the eyes.


Step 4: The final step was using the straight pin to add the black dots in the eyes and then I used the side of the pin to add the straight black lines on the body for the feathers!


Step 5: Add a top coat and enjoy!


3 responses to “Owl nails

  1. Adorable and super creative!

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