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Giraffe nails

on April 28, 2012

I love these!! Let me start by saying that I cannot draw, at all.  Just play draw something with me and you’ll completely understand.  So don’t be afraid to try these even if you aren’t artistically gifted (such as myself).  It’s only lines and circles!

What you’ll need: yellow and brown nail polish, a base color for the ring finger (pink for me!), and an eyeliner brush (you will also want black and a bobby pin to add the eyes, I forgot to picture them!)


Step 1: Paint your nails yellow, expect for the ring finger (or whatever finger you’ll be putting the giraffe!), paint that one the base color you chose!


Step 2: For the giraffe spots, start with a square in the middle of the nail (using the brush in the nail polish) then add squares around the middle one. Then using the eyeliner brush, drip it in the nail polish and use it to spread the squares out until they almost touch each other.  Play around with it!  The eyeliner brush helps you fine tune your spots!


Step 3: To begin the giraffe, start with a bold line with the nail polish brush and then use the eyeliner brush to add ears at the side on the top


Step 4: Switch to the brown nail polish, add a circle to the bottom left with the nail polish brush and two lines with a small circle on top using the eyeliner brush.  If you have room, you can also add a few small brown spots by the neck!


Step 5: Grab your bobby pin and black nail polish, a few dots for the eyes and nostrils and you’ve got yourself an adorable giraffe!


Step 6: Add a top coat to help prevent chipping and add a little shine!




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