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Dog paw print nails

on April 15, 2012

First of all, let me admit that these got a little sloppy, but I still think the idea is super cute so please forgive me!


I love my dogs.  I wanted to try some nails to show that love!  When I do these on someone else I will probably post new pictures, doing them on myself turned into quite the fiasco.  This is also a reminder that it’s ok to try and have them look jacked up… practice makes perfect!  And there is always nail polish remover..

What you’ll need: white, black, and a background color (I went with red), bobby pin

Step 1: (optional) when I use colors that tend to stain my nails (reds, blues, darker shades) I like to do a base coat of white to help protect my nails, but you can skip this step if you’d like!

Step 2: Apply your base color

Step 3: Make a wide half circle at the top of the nail you’ll want the dog on, it should cover about 30% of your nail

Step 4: Add a taller half circle (really more like half of an oval…) on top

Step 5: While the face of my dog is drying, I added the paw prints.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do them in white or red… so I did both!  Using the bobby pin, make one big circle with three dots on top for each paw print.

Step 6: Switching to the black, I painted a small line of each side of the dog’s head for ears.  I also used the bobby pin to spread it out to try and get smoother edges.  It’s also easier to use the bobby pin to try and get the ears exactly how you’d like!

Step 7: Using the bobby pin, add a big button nose and two eyes and you’ll have your dog!


One response to “Dog paw print nails

  1. Aww so cute, love this!

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